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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems


If you are interested in the following Administrative Opportunities and Technical Opportunities, please navigate through our current listed vacancies and submit your application following the instructions contained herein.

10/11/2012 8:14 AM
03/10/2015 14:57
11/08/2015 14:57
02/06/2018 13:55

The following positions are now open at Tyndall:

Job Title Job Ref # Closing Date Research Area
Research Engineer - Testing Integrated Magnetics PMcC-15 25/05/2018 Integrated Magnetics
Research Assistant - Wearable Sensors for Connected Health ST-5 Ongoing Wireless Sensor Networks
Researcher - III Nitride Devices PP-6 Ongoing Photonics
Research Assistant - Wearable Technologies COMA-9 Ongoing Circuits & Systems
Research Assistant - ~Mechanical Design PG-31 Ongoing Sensor Systems
Research Assistant - Cell Culture & Sensing PG-32 Ongoing Sensor Systems
Senior Researcher - Piezoelectric Materials for MEMS COMU-3 30/04/2018 Integrated Systems
Senior Researcher Scientist - Micro-Transfer Printing BC-53 04/05/2018 III-V Materials & Devices
Senior Researcher - Building Energy,Energy in the Built Environment - IERC BMA-5 Ongoing International Energy
Research Assistant - Electrochemical Instruments PG-30 Ongoing Electrochemical
Researcher - Transdermal Delivery Technologies COMA-6 Ongoing Circuits & Systems
Researcher - Sensor Integration COMA-7 Ongoing Circuits & Systems
Researcher - Control Communications COMA-8 Ongoing Circuits & Systems
Researcher - Marine Sensor Data Processing  BOF-63 Ongoing Wireless Sensor Networks
Senior Layout Design Engineer - MCCI PHY-8 01/06/2018 Analogue & Mixed Signal
Research Assistant - Analogue Mixed-Signal / RF IC  IOC-8 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
Applications Engineer - Wearable WSN ST-2 Ongoing Wirless Sensor Networks
Head of Power Management DOR-1 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
Head of RF Transceivers  DOR-2 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
Researcher - Analogue Mixed-Signal - MCCI IOC-11 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
Research Assistant - Antenna Design JBU-4 Ongoing Wireless Sensor Networks
Research Engineer - Energy Harvesting/Power Management MH-19 Ongoing Energy Harvesting
Researcher - Analogue to Digital Converters IOC-9 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
Researcher - Wireless Sensor Networks - Indoor Localization JB-8 Ongoing Wireless Sensor Networks
Researcher - Integration of Photonic Devices BC-52 Ongoing III-V Materials & Devices
Researcher - Nanotechnology Group DI-3 Ongoing Nanotechnology
Researcher - High Speed Optoelectronic Devices for Access Networks PT-29 Ongoing Photonics
Researcher - Hybrid Integration of SiC-based Sensors with Si Circuitry FRZG-2 Ongoing Integrated Systems
Researcher - RF Packaging POB-37 Ongoing Photonics Packaging
Researcher - Integrated Magnetics and Power Circuit Design PMcC-10 Ongoing Integrated Magnetics
Researcher - Smart Sensing Systems, Location Aware Systems for Industry BOF-58 Ongoing Wireless Sensor Networks
Researcher - Optical Communications Flexible Superchannels FG-9 Ongoing Photonics
Researchers - Biophotonics SAE-3 Ongoing Biophotonics
Senior Applications Engineer - WSN MH-25 Ongoing Wireless Sensor Networks
Senior Research Fellow - Biophotonics SAE-1 Ongoing Biophotonics


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