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Postgraduate Study at Tyndall


Postgraduate Study at Tyndall

Atrium of Tyndall Institute BuildingTyndall has a very vibrant and diverse postgraduate student population.  Tyndall hosts a number of postgraduate students from a range of academic departments and institutes. 

Tyndall's postgraduate community is comprised of over 135 students at Masters and PhD level.  The multi-disciplinary nature of Tyndall's research areas is also evident in our student population.  Multi-disciplinarity remains a strong focus of postgraduate students at Tyndall with nearly 50% of the PhD students seeking a degree in physics, 30% microelectronics and 20% chemistry.

The postgraduate student body is represented from 22 nations, with 42% of the students from Ireland, 27% from European Union countries (other than Ireland), and 31% from Non-EU countries.  The gender balance is currently 71% male and 29% female.

"In 2010, Tyndall's graduate community continued to excel during the year, with 20 candidates successfully passing their PhD vivas and Tyndall students competing for and winning several prestigious prizes."

Our postgraduates further benefit from the strong collaborations between Tyndall and our industrial partners.  This provides students with the opportunity to work on exciting projects in direct liaison with industry.  The high quality of postgraduate research at Tyndall is also demonstrated by the prestigious awards that our students received.