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Electrochemical Sensing


Integrated electrochemical sensor devices are enabling new advances in applications including in-line monitoring process analytical technologies and point-of-use sensing applications.  The former, approved by the US FDA are finding increased use in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, while the latter are becoming more popular in personalised health care, security monitoring, and environmental analysis.  Key requirements for remote sensor devices is the need to be portable, easy-to-use, low maintenance and highly sensitive to enable rapid detection and quantification of target analytes. 

Silicon chip based micro and nanosensor devices address these requirements through integration compatibility with very low-volume sample delivery techniques and the potential for fabrication at high densities (low form factors) for simultaneous multi-analyte detection and rapid data capture. They may be directly electrically addressed and interfaced with microelectronic circuitry thereby allowing real-time signal capture, signal amplification, the possibility of rapid data processing and direct signal readout.  They are readily fabricated in a form factor that is portable. Software control allows ease of use for the non-specialist and they have little or no maintenance requirements. 

We are investigating micro and nanoelectrodes for sensing applications. Further processing of the fabricated electrodes can deliver specific surfaces and architectures for advanced electrochemical sensors. These include the following types detailed in the pages related to nanowire sensors, nanoporous materials, biosensors, gas sensors and associated software algorithms and instrumentation.

These electrochemical sensing platforms are highly sensitive diagnostic devices that will have significant impact in Health, Food & Security and Environmental sectors.


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