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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems


Sparkle is hosted by the Irish Photonics Integration Centre (IPIC), and is open to experienced researchers of any nationality, resident anywhere in the world, seeking a prestigious career development path in the field of photonics research and innovation. Fellows will be based at one of IPIC’s academic partners, be aligned to one of the IPIC Research Areas and will have academic freedom to create a research proposal in collaboration with an IPIC Supervisor.

Sparkle will provide fellows with:

• An advanced training programme in a cutting-edge research environment.

• An expanded set of translational skills, including prototype development and fabrication, commercialisation, communication and dissemination, leadership, grantsmanship, project and time management.

• Enhanced innovative and entrepreneurial awareness skills through training on subjects such as market awareness, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and industry engagement.

• A career-oriented 6 month industry placement with either a global technology leader or rapidly growing SME.

• Participation in IPIC’s comprehensive and diverse Education and Public Engagement (EPE) programme, to develop and apply dissemination skills with different audiences from students to the general public.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) is a core principle for IPIC and Sparkle and is integrated into all elements of the programme, including a transparent, fair, objective and gender-balanced evaluation and selection process.