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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems

III-V & III-Nitride materials

Semiconductors; OptoElectronic device structures; Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots; Nanostructured epitaxy

From atoms to system is the mission both of Tyndall and Photonics in Tyndall. The aspiration of encompassing the full technological chain for the development of advance optoelectronic devices has encouraged the Institute to seed to research groups specialized in the epitaxial growth of semiconductor materials of the III-V family. These two groups (head by Prof. Parbrook and Dr. Pelucchi) are specialized in large bandgap nitride semiconductor materials (e.g. GaN, InGaN) and conventional III-Vs for telecom applications (e.g. GaAs, InGaAS, InP). Two metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy systems (MOVPE ) guarantee a broad coverage of material compositions and capabilities.

The two groups are also part of the Irish Photonic Integration Centre