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Postgraduate Application Procedure

How To Apply

Postgraduate Application Procedure

The process for applying for a postgraduate position at Tyndall is:

  • Identify a research project and supervisor.  Details of currently available postgraduate research projects are found here.
  • Apply to register with an academic department in UCC (or other relevant 4th level institute). Supervisors will advise as to most relevant academic department.

Information on how to apply to UCC is given below, for further info see here.

Academic Application Procedure for Research Postgraduate Programmes

PostgraduatesAll Candidates applying to research degree programmes must contact the prospective supervisor to discuss their proposed area of research prior to making a research application. It is not possible to make a research application without having a research topic naming a supervisor, unless you are applying for a specific structured PhD programme.  

Applicants can apply for research programmes through the Postgraduate Applications Centre.

How to Apply online:

Additional Information for Applicants to Research Programmes

Non-UCC Applicants
Please note you must also forward PHOTOCOPIES of official documentary evidence of any third level qualifications (undergraduate and postgraduate) and or other professional/vocational qualifications that were not completed at University College Cork.  Photocopies of academic transcripts (with details of subjects and results) and certificates/parchments of your qualifications listed on your application must be marked with your PAC number and either uploaded directly to your application online or forwarded to:

Postgraduate Applications Centre
1 Courthouse Square

N.B. Non-UCC Applicants who are currently completing undergraduate/postgraduate programmes and have not as yet completed final exams/graduated should submit photocopies of academic transcripts with details of subjects studied and results to date as soon as possible after applying online.

Current UCC Students/Graduates

You are not required to submit evidence of qualifications pursued at University College Cork. However, if you are a current UCC student or past UCC graduate and have also completed additional qualifications in another University/College, you must provide official copy documentary evidence of your non-UCC qualifications.
In any one year, you may not present more than ONE online RESEARCH Postgraduate Studies Online Application to UCC's Research postgraduate programmes.  You may include up to three research programme choices on your online research application. 

Application Procedure:

  • Contact the relevant department with your research proposal to identify a proposed supervisor. Once you have established a supervisor and you have discussed your proposed research area, you can apply online through PAC at
  • Apply online through PAC at
  • Include an application fee of Euro 45 (non-refundable) payable by Bank Draft, Postal Order or Credit Card - Laser and Visa accepted.
  • Certified true copies of all relevant supporting documentation must be posted to the Postgraduate Applications Centre, 1 Courthouse Square, Galway, Ireland

Important: Please ensure you mark all documents sent to PAC in Galway with your PAC number

Please note:

  • Applications for research programmes are accepted throughout the year
  • There are 4 start dates - October, January, April and July
  • Please ensure that your application is made at least 8 weeks prior to your preferred start date

Required Supporting Documentation

You must submit Original or Certified True Copies of the following documentation:

  1. Academic transcripts of your academic career to date from the Registrar of your University(s) including your final degree results.
  2. The proof of conferring of the degree (parchment/official statement from your University confirming the conferral date and your degree).
  3. For other academic/professional non-degree qualifications, please forward proof of award of the qualification and official results, if applicable.
  4. Reports/Letters from two academic referees indicating your potential for postgraduate study. 
  5. Birth Certificate, Passport and Residence Permit* (* Necessary if you are resident in an EU state).
  6. Evidence of name change if necessary (marriage certificate, passport, deed poll entry etc.)
  7. IELTS or TOEFL score for applicants whose first language is not English. Language School Certificates are not accepted.
  8. ( or
  9. Official documentary evidence of financial support OR funding.  If the proposed funding is from private sources please submit an original Bank Statement (with account balances and the equivalent amount in Euros) or such evidence as would indicate that they will be in a position to meet the anticipated expenditure.
  10. Official translation to English of the original documentation of applicants whose documentation is not in English.

If you are unable to provide any of the documentation listed above at the time of application, please email advising us when you expect to forward it. Outstanding documentation should be forwarded to Postgraduate Applications Centre, 1 Courthouse Square, Galway, Ireland immediately when available.

Please note: Conditional offers will be sent to successful applicants who have not yet completed their studies. Conditional Offers are not acceptable for the issuing of visas.

Non-EU Students
English Language Requirements
All applicants whose first language is not English are required to sit either an IELTS or TOEFL test.
English Language Requirements for Postgraduate Degree Programmes:
• College of Science, Engineering and Food Science: Minimum score: IELTS 6 (With no individual section lower than 5.5)  or TOEFL  (213) 

Closing Date
There are 4 start dates throughout the year - October, January, April and July. You should therefore apply at least 3-6 months prior to the commencement date to allow for your application to be processed.
A decision will be made on individual assessment of each application. The International Education Office will send a Letter of Acceptance or Conditional Letter of Acceptance to successful applicants. Prospective students are advised to complete their applications at least 3-6 months in advance of their desired start date.
A Letter of Acceptance must be kept for immigration purposes, registration at UCC and throughout the duration of your study. This letter is also important for applicants from a visa requiring country for visa application purposes.

Conditional Letter of Acceptance:
A Conditional Letter of Acceptance contains one or more conditions which need to be met by the applicant, for example: providing final results, a higher IELTS/TOEFL score, etc.  A Letter of Acceptance will then be issued once you fulfill the condition(s) of the offer.
It is important to note that a Conditional Letter of Acceptance will not be accepted when applying for a visa, therefore you will need to obtain a Letter of Acceptance prior to beginning your visa application.
What is next?
The following documents will be sent together with your Letter of Acceptance:

  • Payment Details 
  • Checklist detailing the steps you need to take prior to arrival and registration at UCC 
  • Student Visa Requirements Information (This only applies to visa requiring students) 
  • Information Booklet for International Full Degree Students
  • The following will be sent with the Conditional Letter of Acceptance:
  • Form One (on which you indicate whether you are accepting or refusing your place at UCC) 
  • Checklist detailing the steps you need to take to obtain a Letter of Acceptance 
  • Student Visa Requirements Information (This only applies to visa requiring students) 
  • Information Booklet for International Full Degree Students.

Important: Please make sure that your contact details are correct in the application form.