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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems


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Tyndall has unique ICT-related expertise and capabilities and aims to be the premier ICT research institute worldwide in generating economic impact through excellence in research.  

Mission Statement 2013-2018

Consistent with national socio-economic policies and priorities in Science, Technology and Innovation, Tyndall will deliver economic impact from excellent research, systems development and graduate training, delivering innovative and disruptive ICT solutions and highly trained people creating opportunities in areas of high jobs potential, particularly in communications, energy, health and the environment.

  • An international leader in integrated ICT research working to raise the technological base in Ireland
  • Synonymous with the delivery of disruptive and deployable technological solutions to society’s challenges in energy, health and the environment
  • A key catalyst for the generation of new high-tech business, jobs and growth for the Irish economy
  • A national and global partner of choice facilitating and enabling R&D and innovation in Ireland to deliver on national objectives
  • A primary source of highly-skilled people for Ireland’s current and future technology companies
  • The gateway for industry and academia to access ICT-related expertise and capabilities in Ireland


  • Leadership - Clarity and focus in decision-making with respect and integrity in all dealings
  • Excellence - Creating high value solutions that optimise opportunity
  • Teamwork - Professional, accountable to one another and focused on delivery
  • People - Secure, well-resourced,  self-assured
  • Entrepreneurship - Confidence in managing risk and driving enterprise
  • Optimism - Determined and resolute in the face of challenge